Poached and shredded chicken



I have searched around and found several recipes for poaching and shredding chicken using my Bellini.

It is a handy thing to have in the fridge for a sandwich filling. I love that I know exactly when and how it was cooked and how long it will keep for.

I have been using this recipe from Quirky Cooking.


Poached chicken (Thanks to Chef Laurent)

Place water and 1 chopped garlic, and a few herbs if you like, in Bellini bowl and cook for 5 mins at 100 degrees on speed 1.

Place chicken inside simmering basket & place in Bellini bowl. Ensuring chicken is covered in water, cook as follows or until cooked through.

100g chicken approx 6 mins at 100 degrees on speed 2, 1000g water

200g chicken approx 8 mins at 100 degrees on speed 2, 1200g water

500g chicken approx 10 mins at 100 degrees on speed 2, 1500g water

Let the chicken cool in the poaching liquid. This helps it stay moist.

Shredding Chicken

Place drained chicken in bellini bowl. Shred chicken on speed 4, blunt blade for around 7-10 seconds. Extra shredded chicken can be placed in the freezer to later use.


There you go, quick easy and fresh!






30 second orange cake with lemon drizzle icing.

30 sec orange cake, lemon drizzle icing

One of the first recipes I tried in the Bellini was the 30 second cake.  My youngest is rather partial to cake after school and I try and make one occasionally on days I am not working. Usually I use a packet mix because it is quick, fairly easy and you get pretty consistent results.  In other words, even I cant stuff up a  packet mix!  So I tried the 30 second orange cake. Wow!

It takes literally 30 seconds to make the whole mix. That includes throwing in a whole orange that has been cut into quarters, skin and all!

The first one was very nice and we gobbled it up slightly warm.  It was a little tart and textured for my liking so I adapted it slightly for the next time.

I cut the orange into quarters and removed the skin from 3 and left one with the skin on. This resulted in a much nicer cake.  I also made a lemon drizzle to go over the top. I poked holes in the cake with a skewer when it was fresh from the oven and poured the drizzle over. The drizzle was made from the juice of one lemon and 100 gms of icing sugar gently heated until the sugar dissolved.

Let the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Adventures begin.


Hi, I’m Deb this little blog is to record my adventures in thermal cooking using my Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master.  I originally wanted a Thermomix after hearing how great they are. I had a demonstration at home which was fantastic but I just couldn’t justify the price outlay. Luckily for me, our local Target had some Bellini’s on sale so I snapped one up. This way I can try thermal cooking before outlaying the big bucks. 

I wanted to record my adventures, and to try out the wordpress blog format, so here we are.

Welcome, let the adventures begin.