All steamed up

I finally took the plunge to cook veges for 8 people using the steamer attachment of the Bellini. I had read a few horror stories of people checking veg after nearly an hour to find it only partially cooked. After a bit of reading I bit the bullet and gave it a go.
I started by placing my chopped carrot in the steamer basket in the jug to give it a head start while I prepared the other veg.
It worked brilliantly!
I sat the zucchini and brocolini in the top steamer and it all steamed merrily away whilst I set the table and generally organised things.. I put a sheet of baking paper under the lid of the steamer to retain the heat and steam. I think I steamed the top things for about 10 mins.

If anything, the veg were slightly over cooked. They tasted yummy and retained all their flavour.

I served them with roast pork and baked potato with lashings of apple sauce.


I will be happy to use this steamer attachment again.