Shortbread…. a little on the crunchy side.

Seeing as Christmas was coming I decided to make some shortbread. I read up on different recipes and took the plunge.
As usual, when I bake, something always goes wrong! I was hoping the bellini would change that. When I went to get the groceries, I couldn’t find rice flour anywhere, the shop was crazy busy with people so I thought I could just mill my own. I read up on what to do and gave it a go. I milled about 110gms white rice. Obviously I found out later, I didn’t quite mill it for long enough. My lovely shortbread ended up with lots of crunchy rice bits in it. Hubby was very kind and said he quite liked it that way.

Anyway, the most important thing was, it actually looked very pretty. I saw an idea on pinterest, where you press a glass jar with a cut pattern on the bottom into the dough before cutting it out.
Looks quite fancy pants!

Cut glass pressed shortbread. Perfect for Christmas!

Cut glass pressed shortbread. Perfect for Christmas!

Until the next adventure,




To start off with, I hadn’t really thought of blogging my Bellini Adventure.  I just mucked around with the machine, seeing what it could do.

I didn’t take may photos, I just played.

I made some ice coffee’s which were well received by the kids.

Poached some eggs in the steamer and made a pumpkin and mushroom risotto. The risotto was a bit runny as I had steamed the pumpkin before adding it in.  It was a bit like pumpkin soup with rice in it. Mind you, it still tasted ok.

I downloaded the Bellini Addicts recipe book, joined the Bellini Addicts facebook page and downloaded the Thermo Food Pro Maxi Superchef cook book. I also just searched around the web looking for thermal cooking recipes.

The adventure had begun.


Let the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Adventures begin.


Hi, I’m Deb this little blog is to record my adventures in thermal cooking using my Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master.  I originally wanted a Thermomix after hearing how great they are. I had a demonstration at home which was fantastic but I just couldn’t justify the price outlay. Luckily for me, our local Target had some Bellini’s on sale so I snapped one up. This way I can try thermal cooking before outlaying the big bucks. 

I wanted to record my adventures, and to try out the wordpress blog format, so here we are.

Welcome, let the adventures begin.