To start off with, I hadn’t really thought of blogging my Bellini Adventure.  I just mucked around with the machine, seeing what it could do.

I didn’t take may photos, I just played.

I made some ice coffee’s which were well received by the kids.

Poached some eggs in the steamer and made a pumpkin and mushroom risotto. The risotto was a bit runny as I had steamed the pumpkin before adding it in.  It was a bit like pumpkin soup with rice in it. Mind you, it still tasted ok.

I downloaded the Bellini Addicts recipe book, joined the Bellini Addicts facebook page and downloaded the Thermo Food Pro Maxi Superchef cook book. I also just searched around the web looking for thermal cooking recipes.

The adventure had begun.



6 thoughts on “Beginnings…….

    • Hi, I bought some silicone egg poachers at the cheapy store. Sprayed them with cooking spray and arranged them around the edges of the steamer attachment so the steam can still enter the steamer easily. I lined the inside of the lid of the steamer with baking paper to keep the heat and steam in. I set the Bellini to St heat and speed one. I can’t remember how long I cooked them for. I will time them next time. Hope you have some luck. Deb

      • Thanks. I was trying to keep away from the silicone as well and trying to do them in the egg shells. I did however end up buying some silicon cupcake holders so will give them a go. 😀

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